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About Me

This will be my 6th year at Gold Rush Elementary and my 38th year of teaching music.  

I began my career in Douglas County -  teaching in 3 different Elementary Schools (Plum Creek, Larkspur and South Ridge) for 20+ years, before moving to New York in 2002 to marry my husband, Julius.  While I was there, I taught at Trevor Day School, a private school in New York City for 11 years.  I returned to Douglas County for the start of the 2013 school year in order to be closer to my grandchildren.  I did not want to be away from them as children grow up so very quickly and I want to be a part of their lives!

I have two grown children.  My son teaches Middle School Social Studies at Banning Lewis Ranch Academy and lives in Colorado Springs with his wife and 4 children - one in 2nd grade, one in Kindergarten, a 3 yr old and a 1 yr old.  My daughter and her husband live in the Springs, too - sharing a multigenerational house with my husband and I.  They have 2 children - one in Kindergarten and one 2 yr old.  They are expecting their 3rd child in September.  This summer my husband and I bought a house on the NE side of Colorado Springs to be even closer to family.

My husband, Julius, and I enjoy hanging out, making music and cooking together.  We are a couple of foodie musicians.  We also enjoy traveling.

In addition to teaching Elementary music, I teach adults in the summer in various Orff Schulwerk Music and Movement Teacher Education courses.  I serve on the Executive Board of The American Orff-Schulwerk Association as Recording Secretary and I'm active in our district music work and the local Orff chapter.  I also direct the choirs at our church.

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